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Welcome to my SLICES of TIME Photography

As all of us know we take pictures because we really like doing this and want to share these slices of time with others.

Taking pictures is also the great motivator because we realize that this unique moment will never again be duplicated in exactly the same way.

Some of my animal and bird images come from Ecomuseum Zoo Montreal, Canada and Granby ZOO, Granby, Canada. The animals that reside at the Ecomuseum Zoo are all animals that could not survive in their natural environment. Most of the  animals  have injuries that would prevent them from surviving in the wild (i.e. they are unable to escape a predator or to eat on their own). The Ecomuseum Zoo is also a refuge for orphaned wildlife and other wild animals born in captivity.

Granby ZOO

Echomuseum ZOO Montreal

More of my work you find on FLICKR   or  500px

Thanks for visiting my site! Please visit again for new updates and  enjoy the photos in my galleries.  Most of the pictures are taken in Canada.

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